Investment Management

Investment Management and Lifestyle Design are interconnected.

We Provide No Obligation Portfolio Reviews:

  • Do you feel as though your investments are improving your lifestyle?
  • Do you know what you pay in fees?
  • Do you know what you get for the fees you pay?
  • Would you appreciate having a more meaningful conversation with your current investment advisor?

If you would like to start living your best lifestyle, it starts with having a wealth plan you understand.


Numerous clients have a substantial nest egg or come to us with significant net worth – maybe they just sold their Okanagan Business. We take pride in our job to preserve their wealth in the most efficient way possible. Our core philosophy is to preserve capital initially and then focus on growth.

Families and individuals within the high-net-worth category may face intricate financial decisions. Serviss Wealth Management has the experience to clearly explain sophisticated solutions and advice in a way our clients’ can understand. It is vital to have the proper knowledge prior to making any financial decision.

I should put more thought into the important decisions about the money, but I have just left it in your capable hands and feel complete trust that you will manage the funds to my best advantage. Loraine, Retired Business Owner

Your Financial Partner

We conduct ourselves as your financial partner so that you can concentrate on living your life. Helping our clients manage their complex credit requirements and their cash flow enables a streamlined process to take place. Organizing your financial affairs provides ultimate control when it comes to your financial future. Stop guessing and let us help you get the facts.

Is there an Account Minimum to work with Serviss Wealth?

We do our best work with business owners and successful families with a networth of $2M – $10M. Having said that, we do not have an investment account minimum as there are multiple ways we can efficiently work together:

  • Fee for service based on assets
  • Consulting (hourly or project based)
  • Coaching Style (webinar or one on one)
  • Revenue from Insurance Commission

If in doubt, contact us – we will be straight up and if we can’t help you we have a valuable network of Professionals who can.

What to do when your investments go down – Down Market Manual 

Private Client Investment Counseling

Our premise for our Private Client Investment Counseling is rooted in understanding and communication. Each one of our clients’ is unique and everyone has their own set of objectives and circumstances. Our goal is to establish an in-depth relationship in order to customize an investment portfolio that reflects your goals and specific timelines.

Our devoted Investment Counselors manage your portfolio on your behalf as part of a discretionary service. This method provides you with peace of mind when it comes to the continuous decision making processes involved with managing your portfolio.

Our Private Client Investment Counseling is offered for families, individuals, estates, trusts and holding corporations who have investment portfolios greater than $1 million dollars. We look forward to sitting down with you at your earliest convenience to explore a variety of exciting options.

ETF & Real Estate Solutions

We have relationships with best in class Mortgage Investment Corporations, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) companies and Real Estate Investment Opportunities.