Estate Planning

Estate planning can be an uncomfortable subject for many people, but it shouldn’t be. Securing your family’s finances after you’re gone is important and should give you comfort knowing they’re being taken care of.

Dustin Serviss has over a decade of experience within the Risk Management and Estate Planning realm. He holds the prestigious title of Chartered Life Underwriter; a designation that is the highest available for estate planners.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge base, superior experience and strategic alliance relationships, Dustin can efficiently get you answers your questions and concerns.

Estate Planning: A Vital Component to Ensuring Success

Many people wonder why estate planning is essential. After all, if it is so important, why doesn’t every individual have an estate plan secured? Misconception and human nature are two of the main reasons why this is commonly overlooked.

Facing Our Mortality

Many of us refuse to think, talk or plan for our eventual mortality. Understandably, it can be hard to accept that someday you will become incapacitated or pass away. It is necessary to face this reality however, for the sake of our family members and loved ones. As there is no concrete timeline available for our own demise, it is vital to deal with these eventualities in the present; regardless of how old you are.

Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that estate planning is only for the uber rich. However, an estate can be a simple home and thousands of dollars or it could be a mansion and millions of dollars. Regardless of the size of your estate, a well executed estate plan will protect what you have worked to attain during your lifetime and ensure that it is distributed the way you desire. Having a valid estate plan can protect your loved ones from complications such as delays to your heirs and exorbitant tax repercussions.

Estate Planning Topics Include:

Your Will

We have all heard the famous quote: “You can’t take it with you!” Since your assets will be left behind, it is smart to take the proper steps to ensure they will go where you prefer. Creating a Will allows you such power. At the very least, your Will should be the minimum component of your estate planning process.

Estate Plan

You are in partially in control of how easy or hard things will be for your loved ones upon your demise. Create an estate plan to ensure your assets are left with minimal taxes and no problems for your loved ones. You don’t want your family to be facing legal issues, hard questions and paying unnecessary funds to the tax department because you did not prepare properly.

Minimizing Your Estate Taxes

It can be difficult to comprehend that even after paying taxes all of your life; you will still have to pay them after you pass away. However, there are specific ways to minimize these taxes. It is in everyone’s benefit to take advantage of the smartest options. Wouldn’t you rather ensure your loved ones receive the money instead of the government?

Trusts Provide Excellent Rewards for Everyone

Enjoy some of the key advantages of having a trust incorporated in your estate plan. Trusts can help your reduce capital gains after your death. They can enable you to split income to reduce taxes and defer taxes. Trusts can also help you avoid the added costs of probate. Discuss the benefits of including a trust in your estate planning with Serviss Wealth Management today.