Lawyers Financial (formerly CBIA)

Dustin leads a team who helps over 1100 lawyers and legal staff in British Columbia with their financial strategies. Serviss Wealth Management is as an Authorized Representative for Lawyers Financial (formerly the Canadian Bar Insurance Association or CBIA). This group facilitates insurance protection in regards to law firms, law firm staff, legal professionals, partners and their families.

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The CBIA has been established as your one-stop-shop for all of your protection requirements. For more than 25 years, we have been offering a large selection of insurance products specifically designed to meet the needs of law firm staff, legal professionals, and their family members.

Why Lawyers Financial?

A variety of Professional Associations have noted the CBIA difference. Negotiating various arrangements with insurance companies offers members access to a variety of life insurance and disability products. Typically, these arrangements take shape of an exclusive endorsement of the insurer by the association.

The insurer in exchange offers a discounted rate to the membership. As well, they share part of the revenue generated from sales with the association. The insurance company may additionally offer all of the marketing and administration related to the plan. Members of the association can directly purchase this coverage from the insurance company or opt to rely on the assistance of sales personnel.

The majority of association plans provide similar disadvantages and advantages in comparison to a group insurance plan offered by an employer. Typically, the rates are quite low. The benefit, however, is often much more restrictive in comparison to an individual plan. As well, benefits may not be guaranteed and can be canceled in the event you are no longer a member of an association.

Thankfully, there are certain association programs that provide exceptions to this rule. Typically, these associations have been successful at combining the best features of individual and group

insurance programs to secure one distinct offering. There is an exception within the insurance program that is offered through the CBIA. This feature in the program combines the stellar benefits of an individual contract with the fantastic low cost of a group insurance plan. Lawyers are not required to be members of the Canadian Bar Association in order qualify for this coverage unlike certain membership requirements of other association plans. Therefore, they will still be able to keep their coverage even if their occupation changes.

A Different Level of Endorsement

The CBIA is not like a typical association program. Our company does not simply endorse an insurance company’s products the way many typical association programs do. The CBIA only employs insurance experts who work with the assistance of the underwriting insurers and actuaries to manage, design and price our individual products to provide a supremely designed benefit offered at the lowest price possible.

The Board of Directors for the CBIA is comprised of Canadian lawyers who actively supervise all activities. This scenario ensures that everything coincides in the best interests possible regarding the legal profession. There are more than 30,000 Canadian legal professionals and their family members who entrust the Canadian Bar Insurance Association with their insurance protection.

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