TPOW – Top 3 2021 Downloaded Podcasts

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It was an exciting year with many diverse guests on the Picture of Wealth Podcast (TPOW). The TPOW essence is simple, have meaningful conversation with people who are living more of their life now, yet being responsible for their future. Being rich is different than being wealthy, we know that. But what is the ultimate picture of wealth… is it static like a photo, or in motion like a video, or is it slow and elegant like a painting, or fast and sharp like a modern day video game… or is it a mixture of theatre and song that elates emotion. It is unique to you, you are the one who get’s to decide.

If you enjoy an episode, share it with a friend, rate it by simply clicking the stars you believe it deserves. If you have a question, please feel free to reach out to us, we are nerds when it comes to helping you, find clarity and confidence around your ultimate picture of wealth.

The podcast can be found on many podcast platforms and for direct links to:

APPPLE – The Picture of Wealth 

SPOTIFY – The Picture of Wealth 

TOP 3 Picture of Wealth Podcast 2021 Topics:

  1. Life Starts at 40
  2. Crypto Assets – Explained
  3. Living a Full Life with Dr Rex Hawthorne


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