Our Clients

What Some of Our Clients Had to Say

Dr. Derek Pollard from Mission Creek Orthodontics on his experience with Serviss Wealth Management.

Brad Macaulay at Versatile Fab & Machine Ltd. on his experience with Serviss Wealth Management.

Case Studies

Case Study #1

After actively investing his own money for 40 years, our client was looking to build a relationship with someone who could manage his money with an investment strategy that achieved his goals. At 70 years old and married with 2 adult children, our client wanted to focus on enjoying his life and finding ways to effectively pass wealth to his children and grandchildren. We were happy to help.

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Case Study #2

This hardworking duo needed assistance going through their company’s finances from a team of accounting, legal, and financial planning experts. We evaluated their investment, business, and financial strategy and provided professional advice on how to improve it.

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Case Study #3

Four hardworking business partners needed evaluations and solutions for insurance coverage, employee benefits, and other policies to create a better financial strategy. After going through our process, we were able to provide solutions by becoming the lead in house CFO for them. As they continue to work hard, we will continue to provide policy solutions in line with their business strategy.

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Case Study #4

Our client is a dentist who wished to pay off their debt, create a short term savings plan for a wedding and a house down payment, while building a long term savings plan for retirement. With no investment strategy in place, we were able to create an optimal plan so that they could continue working towards their goals without worrying about being covered.

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