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Course #4 of 9 – The Opportunity Dashboard in 2 Minutes

Getting an idea of where you are is the first step in determining where you are going. Similar to a back country enthusiast is constantly looking at GPS and iPhone Apps readjusting their route and trails.

Why is this crucial? For a number of reasons… to not get lost, have a bad day, running out of gas, wasting time would be a few reasons but if you think a little deeper. If that person gets lost, they would not be home at the stated return time. Their family would be worried, staying over in the mountains overnight could be life threatening depending on weather and that persons life path may change based on a simple decision to bring a GPS or be able to know where they are.

This is no different with your financial plan. Here is a simple way to get a clear picture of where you are, which will then help you see Where to GO (The Opportunities!).

How to get organized with all your documents, plus having engaging conversation with your spouse – video of the Financial Dashboard Binder 

If you want to build YOUR own personal Financial Dashboard (FDB), see below.

You can do this yourself in 2 minutes or use our template at the bottom.

Make 4 quadrants on page of paper. (Draw a line down the middle of the page and then draw a line across the middle of the page) making 4 boxes.

Upper left:

  • Who are your advisors – accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, bookkeeper, mortgage broker etc etc… think key people in your life.

Bottom left:

  • If you have any companies, note them down in that box. The name of the company and who the shareholder is.

Upper right:

  • Note down all the insurance you have

Bottom right:

  • Note all the investment and savings accounts. Mark down the type of account (RRSP/TFSA/Non Reg/RESP) and then how much the current market value is.
  • Note all your real estate holdings – include the market value and what the outstanding mortgage is on the property.

There, now you know what you have and who is helping you achieve your goals.

Financial Dashboard Downloadable Template 

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