If your investments were a CAR?

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Would you describe your investment style or personality as a Ferrari, Jaguar or a Cadillac? Or a GMC Denali pick up truck?

The way people invest and plan financially, says something about the intentional lifestyle they lead.

Having a good wealth manager on your advisor team can enhance your Lifestyle. A professional that focuses on giving you CLARITY and puts flexible risk management planning in place, allows you make less decisions in the your day to day life … which give you a super power to enjoy, focus and soak up your highest priority life events, activities or goals.

When was the last time you considered where you spend your money. How does that spending reflect your goals? If you have get “outside more” as a goal, yet you have the most expensive cable TV package, maybe you could reallocate money to enhance your life by reducing cable costs and spend more on better outdoor gear at MEC?

USE THE BAM Cashflow Calculator – see where you spend your money.

Whether you are trying to build yourself a garden or you are general contracting your own pool installation at your house… or it is RV’ing in your Mercedes camper van or simply rollerblading downtown with an ice cream in your hand with your son and daughter Sunday afternoon.

Would you rather worry about researching, learning, making mistakes and constantly stressing about your investment choices/decisions… or would you like it to be on auto-pilot?

The below investment managers that Serviss Wealth Management works with have long term proven track records. As a valued client, professional connection or strategic partner of Serviss Wealth, you have access to these managers.

Using the analogy of vehicles, I have drawn a parallel to understand which investment manager might be the car that is right for your lifestyle.

Ferrari 458 – this particular investment manager has a 25 year history of being 100% invested and focused on dividend growth. Being 100% invested means the ride will be bumpy at times but when the market is on the move up, you will feel extreme acceleration. The comforts of the interior are less than some of the competition but if you are looking for sheer performance and less additional options this is the manager for you.

Jaguar F Type Coupe – this manager at times can have brute force acceleration similar to the Ferrari yet it has the motor choked back slightly to preserve longevity and provide a more steady investing experience. The focus is dividend growth and buying quality businesses at a cheap price. The difference with this manager compared to the Ferrari – The Jag F Type manager will hold cash when valuations get high. If the manager can’t find a good deal, they sit on cash until a deal appears. This provides more active management to capture opportunities.


Cadillac Coupe – this manager is focused on managing risk using a balanced approach by adding a certain allocation of bonds to stock portfolios. The investment ride can be described a more plush. The feel of the investment management team is serious, professional and on your statement you will find a rich presentation of blacks, golds and and hints of blue. Don’t under estimate the acceleration of this manager as they tend to hold for clients a small allocation in Small Cap up and coming companies. This has proved successful through choppy markets as the manager has had an ability to select a number of winners.

GMC Denali 1 Ton – if you seek dependability and the ability to use your vehicle for multiple uses… This is the manager for you. Being a ROBOadvisor ETF style manager with access to invest your money in up to 20% real estate makes it interesting. Similar to the GMC Denali it can provide serious torque in rising markets and when the market is correcting the portfolio has serious towing capacity using the more stable commercial, residential and industrial real estate income. Finish off the investor experience similar to the Denali leather interior, this ROBO manager comes with a very simple, yet effective iPhone APP to monitor your key indicators – returns, fees and what you are invested in. Plus you can make changes to your account right from the app – PAPERLESS investing.

If you would like to discuss which “investment” vehicle would be most appropriate for you and your family, book a meeting today.


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