Level Up and Why Everybody Should Care About Workplace Culture

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As everybody who attended the Level Up: Future of HR & Recruiting event organized by NowMedia Group can attest, Matthew Bertulli, CEO of Pela Case, and keynote speaker Eric Termuende were phenomenal, providing advice and takeaways that any business could put to good use. Not only were the speakers able to energize the audience, but they also both stressed the importance of culture in a workplace in a way that we all could understand.

Would it get your attention if I said that having great staff and culture were the ONLY way you were going to unlock your wealth from your business? None of my business buying groups want to buy a business without great people in place after the leader, founder and key driver retires or is bought out.

Your personal lifestyle and happiness affects your staff, which in turns affects the value of your business. Now do you see how this is connected? Through careful, open and collaborative conversation, we empower business owners to come up with their own journey. This is the start of a succession planning conversation – way before an exit even happens.

And we just happen to make great financial plans along the way. To get started with your succession plan, contact us to get a free consultation today.

Watch a recap of the event here:

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