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9 Essential Steps to Becoming Financially Stable 

If before March 1st 2020 were you feeling under control financially, but now you are feeling like you are walking through a fog of unknown. Then, this course will give you peace of mind that you are taking all necessary steps to get back in financial control. This control will give you the ability to make smarter decisions now that lead to long term success. You will be able to see where you need focus in your financial life.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • A new ability to make quicker decisions about your financial life
  • Peace of mind you and your family are going to be OK
  • Confidence that you can take a risk or two, to capture an opportunity
  • “what if” scenarios covered off
  • Knowledge to talk about the stock market, and sound in the loop
  • Deeper connection with your spouse
  • You will feel better

Are you experiencing financial stress? Maybe it is:

  • Stress that you have no income…
  • Stress that you want to know when the right opportunity is to buy into a correcting market?
  • Stress that you are working and want to make sure your family is safe and you make the right financial decisions through this interesting time in history?
  • Or, straight up you feel out of control financially, in life and don’t know where to turn…

No matter what boat you are in, if you want clarity and want to take control of your financial mind set, this short 9 Financial Essentials is for you. Normally this course with a coach would cost $5,000. It is here for you, for FREE. If you put in the time (total course takes approximately 1 hour start to finish).

What does it mean to be Net Net TOUGH?

You have put in the sweat equity to make your lifestyle easier to focus on. You have read/watched/completed the below short courses:

  1. Clean Your Financial Kitchen (Spring Clean Your Expenses)
  2. Financial Planning Pyramid
  3. Life Goals. Live More
  4. Financial Dashboard/Stay Organized. Stay Ahead.
  5. Life Insurance Needs Tool 
  6. Protect What You Have – YOUR INCOME. 
  7. Forced savings and critical illness protection
  8. Retirement Projection
  9. Stock Market Goes Up/Down – WHY in Layman’s Terms

Get Started Right NOW – Clean Up Your Financial Kitchen


  1. What if your Business Partner dies, becomes injured or ill… Now what? Learn more. 
  2. Are you a Lawyer and want a plan, but don’t have time? 2 Minute Check in with Yourself. 

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Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 AM (Pacific) Brainstorm

This is great for people who are wanting a sense of clarity with their finances, investments and ideas for doing their own investments. It will be valuable for people who want to be part of or a sense of community yet not want to be sold something. Send us an email subject line – “Net Net TOUGH” and we will send you an invite.

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