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Last year you may have seen we donated a full target shooting kit to a teenager who survived a paralyzing ATV accident. The year before we secret santa’d the whole Renal Floor at Kelowna General Hospital and provided personalized gifts to patients who are on dialysis. The year before that we hit the streets and gave out warm coats, coffee and breakfast sandwiches to the Kelowna homeless community…

2018’s goal is simple – put a baby in a Kelowna family’s arms. Jody and I experienced a very trying 5 year period where we were unable to get pregnant. We went through 7 different procedures involving In-Vitro Fertilization treatments in Kelowna and Vancouver. Not only was it trying on our marriage/friendship but it also required serious financial resources. If we could alleviate a little bit of the financial pressure on an appropriate Kelowna couple, we want to do it. When I asked my amazing wife Jody what her memories of our journey were, she explained it below:

A tough part of our infertility journey is I often felt like I was alone, it divided our relationship, not only with Dustin, but with family and friends. I had the feeling that Dustin didn’t seem upset.  I am sure he felt the disappointment of our infertility but just in a different way. For me unfortunately it became an obsession and the failure would send me into days of depression.

I would withdraw from Dustin, family, friends and focus completely into the world of infertility (by reading copious infertility books, researching the latest vitamin, doctors, tests, surgery’s, natural-paths etc) and for Dustin I think he would retreat to the office/work/education courses. Although there are many labels placed on infertility I feel like the biggest obstacle is, you feel extremely alone and like a failure. Birth and children seem to be a natural progression in life and family is so important, I feel like we prevent it for so many years expecting it to simply just happen.

Below, I share a few of my raw comments:

As a person who was seriously unsure if kids were something I was keen on (I used to think in my 20’s, I think I would rather a Harley Davidson for every day of the week instead of kids… now I can’t imagine life without these two little characters). Those moments like, bike riding with my sons in the cul-de-sac are priceless, and it is simply sitting on our bikes chatting in between catwalks and pop a wheelies, or the terrifying “cliff jump” (going down the driveway)… the riding is fun but the chatting is the best part seeing how they view the world through a clear lens.

The bulk of my stress came when friends were getting pregnant all around, the reoccurring disappointment of the arrival of period after period, the unknowns relayed from medical professionals… couple this with building a house and starting a business it sure would have been welcomed to have more financial support than family had already helped us with.

As a rosy colored glasses type person not attending to the changing needs of my wife was extremely hard… it wasn’t out of ignorance it was, I just didn’t know what to say, what to do or how to be empathetic/compassionate. I did know I wanted to make Jody happy… yet couldn’t seem to do anything. Denial and focus on other things took over and although I excelled in many areas, home life in that period of my life went backwards.

This event is important to us as we believe physical fitness is important for overall health, wealth and building a strong, resilient family. After working out for over 20 years at various gyms I have never felt a sense of family like I do at Oranj Fitness Kelowna, with the members, staff and community members associated with Oranj. This is why it was a natural fit to host the event at Oranj.

Serviss Wealth Management Team – Jody, Arlo, Dustin, Jasper, Lindsey and Meghan.

In-Fitness Smashup Poster

Its is our goal by hosting this event we not only hit our goal but create awareness and OPENNESS in the In-vitro community… Families unable to get pregnant for unknown reasons, families where you know the reason and families who have beautiful babies but are struggling with the adjustment of parenthood – we are all in this together. You are not alone and the beauty is, if you have gone through any of what I just mentioned, it feels SO good to talk about it with other families yet the right opportunity doesn’t come up nearly enough. Here is your encouragement, any chance you can get, mention your struggle to someone, you might be surprised where that openness leads you. I read this a while back and it stuck with me.

Openness to Experience…

  • Attentiveness to inner feelings
  • Active imagination (fantasy)
  • Preference to variety
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Aesthetic sensitivity

Are you open?

We now have 2 amazing sons Arlo and Jasper who I could not imagine life without. All the stresses of the unknown are now a reality and although challenging from time to time, the look in their eye when you get home is priceless. I usually write a long version Christmas letter, this year we will forego any Christmas client gifts or cards and allocate that capital towards raising the $12,000. As a client or a connection to Serviss Wealth you are a major part of this amazing journey, and for that, I am truly grateful.

The underlying message – Openness is the best way to be your authentic self.

We would love to see you join in this fitness adventure June 9th. As always, 100% of the money we raise we will be putting towards this cause. All the activities at the event are geared for everyone, marathon fitness level is not required, but a base level of fitness will help. It may be hot so dress appropriate. Gift bags will be defintiely worth more than the $175 to sign up. This is a great event to do with a friend, and there is a savings to sign up as a 2… $300 as a pair. Feel free to share this article with someone who would do it ! We are limited to 45 entrants.

See attached UPCOMING fundraiser event we are hosting June 9th 2018 at Oranj Fitness on Lawrence.

  • Here is where you can sign up for the event – INFITNESS SMASHUP SIGN UP here
  • If the above link does not work COPY/PASTE this link –
  • Scroll to “Infitness Smashup”
  • You can also go into Oranj and sign up there.
  • If you do not want to or cannot participate you can make a simple donation here

NOTE: All donors are welcome at the Post event social being held at the NEST at 6pm June 9th at 1605 Pandosy Street, Downtown Kelowna.

Be great and contact us if you have any questions!


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