Dr Tom Deans COMING to Kelowna

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I am excited to announce we have secured Tom Deans world recognized speaker and author of the book(s):

Contact us today to learn more about this intimate breakfast event happening Oct 16th 2019

Call 778 484 1435 to learn more, or click here to register online.

Dr. Thomas William Deans is the author of the all-time best-selling family business book, Every Family’s Business and Willing Wisdom He now speaks on the international lecture circuit full time. Having delivered more than 500 convention keynotes and seminars in 14 countries he has built an international reputation as a thought leader on the subject of intergenerational wealth transfer.

His lectures and books argue that family has emerged as the greatest economic driver of all time. But the question remains: How can wealth be transferred successfully without destroying the recipient and the wealth itself? It is a question for the times, as the greatest generation of wealth creators move toward retirement and death in record numbers. Deans explores the idea that communication is crucial to the success of that transfer, and indeed to the success of individuals, families and communities.

Dr. Deans has had a distinguished career in banking, was CEO of a multinational corporation for a decade, was president of a railway and chairman of his local hospital foundation. He has chaired a federal government committee on tax credits and is a regular commentator to national and international media outlets on the subjects of entrepreneurship, philanthropy and estate planning.

Dr. Deans has been featured in numerous magazines and journals including Profit, Money Sense, Investment Executive and The New York Times and a frequent guest on CBC, MoneyLine and BNN.

Tom Deans lives in a secluded forest in the beautiful Hockley Valley in Ontario, with his wife, two children and four dogs.

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