Do It Yourself Investment Seminar + Happy Hour

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Hands on Learning Workshop – Hosted by Serviss Wealth Coaching

When: Wednesday May 30th at 4:00 – 6:00pm (Happy Hour after in the Nest Lounge)

Where: The NEST – 1605 Pandosy Street (upstairs), Kelowna.

How to Sign Up: Email [email protected] or call 778 484 1435

Bring your own lap top and or a pad of paper to follow along. This is an interactive style workshop for people interested in managing their own money profitably and efficiently. Are you curious about the most mysterious industry in history? If so, this event series is for you. The enhanced visual teachings are built around making learning finances interesting and easy to understand. We want to instill an Opportunity Mindset useful in investing, real estate and day to day life in general.

Dustin Serviss will walk you through:

• How to value a company/investment.
• Basic investment terminology explained.
• How being a small investor is to your advantage.
• Stock charts and indicators explained – Value and Price are very different!
• Review an investment that tanked.
• Review an investment that has gone up 10 times and what signs to spot this early.
• Dustin will share/explain actual personal real and paper trades (good and bad).

The essence of the “investment club” style meeting is not meant to sell product rather than to collaborate as common people in the Kelowna community. The goal being, everyone gains financially from sharing ideas and using Dustin’s 15 years of business/investing experience to keep the meeting rich with great ideas.

Sign up today to secure your seat – limited to 10 seats, first come first serve so if you want a spot RSVP!


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