“Cseking In” with Dustin Serviss

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Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nikki Csek of Csek Creative and NowMedia Group for the latest episode of “Cseking In”, her video series featuring interviews with Okanagan business owners and entrepreneurs. I had the opportunity to share my firm belief on why “packing your parachute” is important for every business owner and why it should be in every business owner’s favor to let us help get them there, providing a step-by-step and understandable guide on the process of wealth management.

In addition, we talked about why we are so proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Level Up Speaker Series: The Future of HR and Recruiting, featuring keynote speaker Eric Termuende. Eric will take a deep dive into what it takes to find success in attracting, recruiting and getting the right people to say HELL YEAH to your organization’s core values. This event is not just for HR staff; it is designed for the full leadership team of your organization.

Learn about our driving beliefs at Serviss Wealth Management in this personal interview from Nikki Csek on business, wealth management, and taking the time to sometimes stop, take a step back and enjoy your wealth.

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