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What is Lifestyle Courage?

“Stand up out of your decision wheelchair and run through your ultimate lifestyle, yet being responsible for your future.” – Dustin Serviss

To make changes or set new directions or accomplish new goals a person needs to have courage.

Living a certain lifestyle comes from a combination of natural factors out of your control and your beliefs and values. Some beliefs are deeprooted and others are picked up from similar experiences, through social circles, research, and scrolling social media (flashing bits and pieces to your eyeballs of what is supposedly important out there in the world)…

It’s Your Money Make Them Your Decisions

Over time you may lose sight of what your natural direction, passion, purpose, or whatever you want to call it is.

Our egos get the best of us. Limiting belief mindset sets in… “oh I couldn’t do that because of XYZ”. These thoughts are cognitive biases (basically, theories) we created in our own head, not actual facts. We go to the news to get our facts… It is all-consuming negative which over time, paralyzes us in making ANY decisions in life, not just money decisions.

What if we could acknowledge there is uncertainty in the world, yet feel we had certainty in our world? How would that make you feel?

Learn more below on how to make decisions with confidence as it applies to make financial/investment decisions. Or, should I say Lifestyle decisions.

Lowering the number of decisions you have to make today will help you achieve happiness.

Really, financial decisions are lifestyle decisions.

What if we could get more lifestyle out of our current income, or current pot of retirement savings. Or what if, no matter if there was COVID or the next superbug or riots or oil price wars… YOU still were able to have a great lifestyle.

Independent. Sustainable. Positive and able to live YOUR life more now.

Ownership in great businesses (investing) can provide growth and dividends but it is only one small piece in a bigger puzzle. Investments don’t provide happiness, living life provides happiness.

What does living life mean to you?

Is it fancier, longer, more expensive vacations or is it simply hanging out with certain people on the vacation? Could you hang out with the same people somewhere beautiful in the province of BC for 1/4 the price? All of a sudden, you can do 4 trips now when before you only planned on doing 1. That is more life using the same money required.

At some point when you are considering making changes in life usually one element of the decision is money-related.

Automate the financial decisions in your life using this list:

  • Set your investments on  monthly deposit
  • Set your life insurance policy on monthly payment
  • Change your mortgage payment to weekly and add $100 extra to each payment.
  • Use an investment manager to rebalance your account
  • Set a regular “financial” progress meeting with your spouse 1 week after your anniversary each year.
  • When the decision making around money is simplified or automated, it allows more time to do things that make you happy.

Story Time – 2 Business owners go through life.

One builds his business up, sacrifices everything, work evenings & weekends, reinvests everything back into this bigger better business and then sells it for $3M.

The second owner who is mindful of her numbers and spends intentionally on her lifestyle prioritizes new learnings and sees the value in time off. Over time she builds a diversified portfolio of memories and, sells for only $2M.

  • Which scenario are your beliefs aligned with right now?
  • Or, which scenario do you want to start living right now?

NEW Serviss Wealth Offerings

We are constantly finding innovative ways to offer you services that enhance your life, make it easier to understand, and ultimately make your networth plan better. Here are some of the new services available to you.

  • Employee Benefit second opinions… we have noticed over time clients obtain group benefits and do not update their individual coverage to ensure there is NO disability coverage overlap (you may be double paying!).
  • CPD Credits for Lawyers from the Law Society of BC – we were just approved this month to teach and if you take our course you can earn continuing professional development credits.
    Business Partnership Counselling … for partners of businesses with a problem, a situation, or a dynamic that could use a third party to move the conversation forward.

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