Financial Coaching

Good Honest Wealth Habits since 1999

Different than other financial planning firms, we offer financial planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and business advice through various financial coaching services. The services are a counselling or therapy conversation style experience. Whether you are looking for a financial coach to help a group of you, you and your spouse/business partner or if you want a one on one experience. We can help you!

Financial Coaching Offered:

  • One on One Coaching
  • Virtual Group Coaching
  • Online Do it Yourself Coaching Course
  • Key Note Speaking at Your Event (conferences, charity events, summits, AGM’s, professional development credits, breakfast networking/masterminds, staff meetings) – currently on HOLD due to Covid
  • Workshops – currently on HOLD due to Covid
  • On site Group Coaching to your Executive team and Staff – currently on HOLD due to Covid

Most requested areas of counselling:

  • Business Partnership Meetings with multiple partners establishing a partnership agreement or revising an existing one
  • Couples Financial Therapy which includes getting on the same page and establishing goals together
  • Blue Collar Business Advice – strategies around growing the company and Exiting/Selling to management or a third party
  • Young Lawyers who want to manage their finances on their own

Specific Free Coaching Courses offered:

  1. Net Net TOUGH – 9 Essential Steps to Financial Stability in 2020
  2. Financial coaching for women: Inspiring Women to Lead. 
  3. Financial coaching for Lawyers: Inspiring Lawyers to Get Control. coming soon!
  4. Getting financial clarity female realtors. coming soon!

Costs and Fees

We will work with you to customize your billing package to suit your needs. Typical billing is as follows:

  • Subscription based monthly billing
  • Pre-negotiated fee for service or tangible deliverable
  • Project based